Oprah And Obama

Since joining Twitter Oprah has followed famous celebrities like Shaq, Hugh Jackson, and the Kutchers. However, there is one noteworthy man or woman who she is not following. She is not following Barack Government. Most would believe her first following might have been with Obama. Besides Oprah is his 1 fan. She pulled out all the stops to obtain him chosen. Winfrey first endorsed Obama before he being a candidate in September 2006. She made campaign appearances, and rallied behind Obama. The reason why is she not very much interested in Obama on Twitter?

Barack Obama
Sarah Palin gave a brief press conference, with husband Todd at her end. She described the right to privacy as “a really cool thing about America”. She gave the media a bit of an “I informed you so” following the first report she had been cleared of any wrongdoing the particular Troopergate scandal.

A hypothetical election occurring today, in line with the poll would indicate a victory of Cain over obama news at 46% to 44%. Romney would lose to obama at a choice of 41% Obama to 40% Romney and Perry would also lose to the decision of 45% Obama and 40% Perry.

Imagine one in four of our workforce discharged. Imagine shantytowns across the masse. Imagine youths hitching railroad rides across america in search of a job opportunity.

Europe is often a region of doubt in my view because of the muted growth and rising debt and deficit levels in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Australia. If not for capital from Germany and France, it could far worse there.

WHAT??? You’re telling me that the U.S. President, after bringing on taking an economy in out lifetime AND after suffering the most stunning rejection of political policy, the lifetime, blithely flies off on a world tour? With 3,000 (+) retainers?

If most likely a reporter, how can have handled Obama’s grammatical error? Exactly why did Clinton survive his sex scandal, whereas Weiner was trampled?